Tatiana Huber
Bridal make up artist
I was 19 years old when I got my first bride done. Heart was pounding, hands were shaking, I felt extremely confused but the wedding went fine :)

5 years passed, and since then many things have changed. More than 100 brides are happy with my work, I've accomplished numerous further trainings and master classes, I've got my bachelor degree in Economical Sociology, I got married and I live my best live in a wonderful and different country... The only thing remains the same - I still care and worry about every bride that entrusts me her wedding look!

We work only with the best luxury and professional cosmetic brands, such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Shiseido, Becca, Dolce&Gabbana, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Make Up Forever, Nars, Huda Beauty, Jane Iredale, BareMinerals and many others
We really do take care about expiry dates, cleaning and sanitizing our make up brushes and cosmetics, because we appreciate the health and trust of our customers and fully understand the responsibility.
Our working experience in beauty industry is more than 5 years. We specialize on bridal styling and constantly improve our skills and qualification.
We truly love the wedding industry - so we know all the latest trends and are always happy to share our knowledge with you!
Bridal look with a trial

Our trial takes up to 2,5-3 hours and is paid on the same day (150 euro).

How does it go?
  • for a trial run we meet during the working week (Mo-Fr) in our studio
  • we try several variants, transforming one look into another, varying the make up intensity and hairstyle options
  • we also make lots of pictures in daylight and lamplight to understand, how will it look in your family album next 100 years :)

What can you do to make our cooperation better:
  1. bring everything you can - pictures of the make ups and hairstyles that you like, pictures of your dress (or how do you imagine it), your veil or hair accessories that you are going to use, and all the possible infos about the wedding (season? inside or outside? style? wedding decorations? flowers? etc.)
  2. please, come alone - we understand, that we all sometimes need the support from our mothers, sisters and friends, but we will be much more efficient, if we concentrate on each other
  3. if possible, do not wear any make up - otherwise we have to spent some time to take it off
  4. please, come with fresh clean hair with no styling products on it
Bridal look without a trial

How does it go?

  • we discuss all the details of your future bridal look several weeks before - in best case, send us some pictures!
  • you tell us the time when you have to be ready and the exact address
  • we estimate the time we need to perform the make up and hairstyle that you need. Depending on your wishes and hair density, it can take up to 2,5 hours (but usually faster)
  • on the wedding day we drive to you and try our hardest to make your dreams come true!

What can you do to make our cooperation better:
  1. please, organize a working place for us. We just need a table, a mirror and a socket as well as an access to daylight :)
  2. please, do not wear any make up - otherwise we have to spent some time to take it off
  3. please, have dry and clean hair with no styling products on it
Wedding guest styling
from 100
Mothers, sisters, bridesmaids, friends... All of them also want to look amazing!

  • it is always better to plan! Tell us in advance, if there are any additional customers, that we can arrange our time better

  • usually we make the bride first - her wedding, her rules :)

  • in most of cases we need 30-60 minutes for a guest. During this time we manage to perform a professional make up and a light hairstyle. Please, let us know, if there are any special wishes existing

  • bridesmaids in one style? Wow! It would be great, if you provide the details (girls' hair length, color of dresses and so on) beforehand, that we can create a wonderful look that fits to each one from your band!
All photos on this website are created by me and my team. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from us is strictly prohibited.

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